Splashy Fish - is an online flash game created by the same developer who gave us a wonderful and challenging game Flappy Bird. As in the original version of the game - in ''splashy fish'' you should try to get as far as possible, cover the longest distance while being careful not to lose your nerve and damage the main hero!


In contrast to the original version, in this game you have to play with a fish and swim as far as possible .under the sea. The control keys are simple and easy to remember: just tap on the screen and the fish will swim. The bottom line of the game is that you need to go as far as possible, trying not to crash into the towers which represents obstacles. If you bump and crash into the tower then you will have to start all over again. The good thing is that you can hit the replay button every time you fail and crash into the barrier.

As you see, the game Splashy fish is incredibly simple and addictive. That is probably the main reason why Splashy Fish gained popularity among many players of any age. If you have strong nerves and are ready to test yourself, then swing this creation - immediately!

The game can be played on mobile devices but be careful - Splashy Fish can ruffle and you can easily break your phone in anger! Despite the fact that this game is the full clone of flappy bird, splash fish has more calm and totally different design. For those who believe in special miracles and have patience: keep calm and when you gain 20 points more on the way you will meet new elements that will change the appearance of the fish. So, go ahead and play with us - you have a long distance to cover.