There are lots of games about cooking or making some food, but none of them give you awesome opportunity to be a master chef in the restaurant's kitchen, make awesome cakes also meanwhile be an owner of this cafe, take an orders from clients and decorate your estate with furniture and etc.

Papa's Cupcakeria is a new freshly released version of its series and like an other Papa's games, it's an amazing way to kill a free time with pleasure and also train your brain to do the hard multitasking job. This isn't a just ordinary family game, because it's required logic skills and fast thinking to complete a hard missions, so it's a really cool challenge for you.

Papa's Cupcakeria is a whole new word of flash gaming and has a better storyline and gameplay than it's genres any similar game, because the developers made an entire new set of features and scenario for this amazing version and like a previous Papa's games, it's full of entertaining things and pleasure. Also, the creators of this game have correct every bug and create a new missions and characters, who are more interesting and will definitely give you a hard time to serve.

Story of the game

The main idea of this game is so funny and has an amazing plot twist to entertain you. Your character is a one bad luck guy, who crashed into the papa's car and needs to work in his cake cafe to compensate the loss money, but it's not an ordinary cafe and your jobs is hard and funny at the same time. Your main mission is to serve different type clients and also decorate your cafe, but you need to spend time careful, because every second is important and if you be late, you can't get a tip for your hard work.

This game has an amazing plot twist, like there are close clients, it's like a VIP persons and you need to do your best while serving them, because their opinion is more important to win a round and get an extra point for your salary. Also, there are few tasks between the rounds, what you have to do, if you want to be rewarded and get a new furniture and textures for your waiting room, or new clothes for you. It's like a mini games inside of the game, so enjoy with this plus and have fun.

The controls in this game are with the mouse.

The Gameplay

Papa's Cupcakeria has a modern style engine and gameplay, which gives you ability to play without any problem and every detail of it is easily adapted. Your job is to take an order from your serious clients and then serve them also, but to do so, you need to make a cupcakes with their receipt and serve them fast enough to get a tip. The most hard and important part is building station, where you have to build your cupcakes design and decorate them with clients ordered flavors and fruit.

This game is full of surprises and if you play hard enough and collect bonus points, you can play so many mini games inside of Papa's Cupcakeria. There are shooting simulators, roulette and even a baseball round and if you win in this games, you got extra decorations and furniture for your cafe.

The graphics in this game are advanced on a whole new level and has amazing visual. There are lots of foods and awesome room decorations, which gives you feeling like you are cooking cupcakes in the real cafe. Also, every characters texture and detail are so cool and you will definitely enjoy with this amazing game style, so good luck.